Friday, October 13, 2017

Software Notes

I was building a 'quick and dirty' web crawler to pull some information into a single page; decided to give phantomJS a spin. It works - sort of. For some of the sites that require some AJAXness or hiding certain obstructive divs it was starting to turn into diminishing returns. I still have to look into casper as an improvement. I might just switch it to Go...

Speaking of which - I also did some work on the solar tracker; before I put the electronics outdoors I wanted to see if I could improve the wireless aspect to more than just responding to http requests with an ESP-8266. For this I'd need a server indoors. My first thought was to run it off of the notifier node,  but it needs an upgrade to actually have the ESP wireless link connected LESS often, to allow more use of power for lighting instead of WiFi.

It turns out that a single page of Go is enough to accept a tcp connection, connect to a mysql table and dump information from a wireless node. I toyed with the idea of doing visualization + network in Processing, but it struck me that I'd probably just connect to the db for visualization requests remotely anyway. Once I'm happy (happier?) I'll post some docs here.

Last up, I think I'm going to add a temporary fabric cover to another project, to keep ice & snow off of it ('software', get it?). I can't fully enclose it, but maybe I can keep the wet stuff from soaking it from above.

To that end I found a snap kit that looks like it functions pretty much like the grommet kit. I'd use only velcro, but the winds will be in excess of 100 km/h so I'd like to try something a bit more positive-locking.

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