Sunday, October 29, 2017

29 Oct - ESP-8266 + network + neopixels

Quick links for the Notifier widget.

Tested, working - Neopixel library (with network working ok): NeoPixelBus
(and works with NeoPixels and older WS2811's in 5mm LED style packaging)

I didn't have much success with the Adafruit NeoPixel library on the ESP-01; odd since I'm sure it's worked before.

Grab this and restart the Arduino environment: SPIFFS + Arduino IDE; I used ver 0.3.0. In mac OS go to, 'Show Package Contents', navigate to Java, create 'tools' if it doesn't exist, and copy the unzipped download there ( the complete path will be Java/tools/ESP8266FFS/tool/esp8266fs.jar )

Small Notes:

- Tx is pin 1.
  • I use it to measure the ambient level, as on/off, of an LED in a night light.

- Rx is Arduino pin 3 / GPIO 3. 
  • It's tied to the high speed DMA USI? i.e. can sort of draw NTSC video. I use it wit the NeoPixelBus library as the output pin for a couple of WS2811's to display status info.
- Docs on ESP8266WebServer are at: and the decision to use it was based on ready access to GET / POST data and not having to re-write HTTP handling.

- Writing monolithic servers (one TCP port, with services presented within the packet payload) is dumb. I'm mapping out the services now and better to implement as a series of libraries rather than giant bowls of spaghetti.

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