Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I decided to kick the can down the road (I mean 'defer'...) the comms buffers into the ESP-8266 code so I can keep moving forward. I don't need buffered comms right now, but doing it via SPIFFS makes more sense (and has more room) than the 32k EEPROM I'm using.

Because I don't need block-write capability (for moving around comm buffers), I also don't need to focus on either the buffer-backed vmem access or on a media-mapped monolithic memory object (instead of one per use).

Or... this...

// TODO:

  • Write up something that manages the 4 byte structs for describing execution state. Library?Plain array? Library, I think. This is linked to schedule, code and the way it's loaded in memory as objects. Gotta finish that this weekend.
  • copy the sun position schedule currently in a FLASH_ARRAY into some of the unused low bytes of internal EEPROM. I think it fits between the reg[] and MAP.
  • sift thru the current spreadsheet of opcodes and stuff all the blocking calls into one group so we can flag those in the sequence generator - in case we need to run those as 'exclusive'.
  • I had an idea to wrap the stock LCD library so we can include references to a string_table for option-list type fields. Currently it's all numeric. Smells like scope creep.
  • UPDATE: I forgot the August 31 deadline for autonomous operations. I've started a reverse calendar to count down the work items left. It's about 2 weeks of time left, and about 6 weeks of work
  • sun sensor - sealing the top and mounting the base to the array.
  • fabric enclosure completion (it's held on with bungee cords right now)
  • user interface 'box' mounting and cable routing, mounting the panels and power switches
  • power and comms cable from the battery box
  • revisit vmem - make it buffer-backed for 32 byte page-writes.


  • array mounting and charge cabling
  • platform, table, and mast build, linear actuator tests, azimuth feedback testing and characterization
  • sensor build and testing
  • 3D printing the feedback rack and gear for elevation
  • 3D printing the feedback gear for the XL belt azimuth table
  • 3D printing the sub-panels for the user interface box
  • write up the keywords.txt and example for the XEEPROM library, and test it all out
  • organize the reg[ ] array into config and run entries. Those entries that are only used during setup() don't have to be copied in memory. I should be able to save about 32 bytes of SRAM this way.

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